Mydrim Gallery

Mydrim Gallery in Nigeria

Established in 1992, Mydrim Gallery is one of the oldest existing galleries in Nigeria, Nigeria. The gallery is a reality borne out of a dream rooted in a passion for the beauty expressed through art. African artists have been able to express the richness of the African culture through several media.

The gallery through various exhibitions and the sale of art focuses on the immense talent of our artists and the message their works convey. In its more than a quarter-century history of operation, the gallery has organized more than 90 performances, readings, receptions, symposia, as well as art exhibitions and special events that have been of benefit to various national and community organisations. For over 15 years, the gallery has presented its much celebrated annual programmes and exhibitions namely, the Pastel Exhibition; “Generations: The Future Masters”; Affordable Art Fair and the Nigeria Art Auction in collaboration with Terra Kulture Art Gallery.

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